Topicure spray 250ml


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Happy Cat Adult Culinary Atlantic Salmon 1.3Kg
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Topicure spray 250ml

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A herbal aerosol spray to treat deep seated maggotted wounds
Topicure Spray effectively kills maggots and prevents further re-infestation
Topicure Spray is effective in treating all kinds of wounds including deep seated FMD lesions, wide spread lesions,foot-rot after shearing in sheep, etc.
Topicure Spray is effective in treating cases of dermatomycosis
 Topicure Spray has better spreadability and deeper penetration into the wounds
 Topicure Spray imparts a stain to identify the rate of application

Herbal preparation for Comprehensive Skin Care

Topicure herbal spray is a poly herbal Ayurvedic preparation in Spray & Gel form with optimum levels of phytoactives documented for wide spectrum antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties thereby effective in treating skin disorders of varied etiology.
give authentic Pet products for all needs of your pet.

Deepseated wounds.
Maggotted wounds.
Septic & aseptic wounds.
FMD Lesions, Footrot.

Directions For Use

shake well before use. clean the affected part and spray topicure in sufficient quantity once or twice daily until complete cure is achieved.
there is no additional requirement of application of ointment, lotion or dusting powder upon topicure sprayed wound.

Target Animals :

Cows and Buffaloes, Camel, Equine, Goat/Sheep

Batch 1 or 2